18 May, 2010

Best Blogging Techniques

To make the most of business blogging, you’ll need to commit some time and energy toward learning good blogging techniques. While your blog content should focus on your audience, you’ll want to stay mindful of the opportunities you’ll have to promote, optimize and market your blog.

A good training course can help you recognize and manage good link opportunities, and learn good blogging techniques, as well as techniques to avoid. Inadvertent SEO errors and missed opportunities can reduce the effectiveness of your blog and diminish its search engine visibility Blog training will teach you how to expose your blog to the marketplace and promote it among those readers most interested in what you have to say.

Good blogging techniques can also help you focus your posts on the key messages you want to send to your readers. Well-written posts targeted to the right audience will elevate your profile and act as a conduit for potential customers who are interested in your niche.

Blog training will demonstrate the most effective writing styles for your blog and allow you to reach out to readers in a way that is welcoming, encouraging and authentic. By making these personal connections with your readers, you will establish your authority and highlight the contributions you can make to your particular industry.

If you’re new to blogging, are interested in learning good blogging techniques or you’re not sure that you’re hitting your desired readership, consider taking the RSS Applied blog training course. You’ll increase your comfort level with what you’re doing, and you’ll be better able to assess your results.

Here are some basic blogging tips to use when you're blogging. Use these blogging techniques for the best possible results from your blog!

1. Blog as much and as often as you can!

Each time you blog, an entirely new "page" has been created for you. It's an entirely new chance for you to score some decent ranking on the search engines
! With that said, it's always a good thing to blog literally as often as you possibly can. Google loves new content, and content is king!

2. Blog once a week - absolutely the bare minimum!

Blogging once a week is the absolute MINIMUM! The more you blog, the better your page rankings and SERPS will be. There's no excuse not to blog more than once a week. (Once a day is way better, once an hour is better than that!)

3. Keep yourself out of your blog.

If you're blogging on your day trips to the zoo or family events, then fine, blog about yourself. But, if you're blogging about your business or trying to educate your readers, then keep yourself out of it. Your readers want relevant content, not personal information.

4. Be relevant in your calls to action.

The most important thing that you can do for your blog is creating a good solid call to action. This is absolutely important - but don't ever try to "sell" the reader on your services right away. Use your blog as a way to build relationships and trust for your readers, and then, go in for the kill.